If you want to take an IELTS preparation course, it is important to choose instructors who not only have taken the actual test with acceptable results, but also teach realistically, that is, they use methods that are acceptable to IELTS examiners. Teachers who give you long lists of new words to memorise and cliche sentences and expressions to use in your speaking and writing simply won’t do.

IELTS Prime’s courses are based on the same approaches used to develop IELTS materials at Cambridge. You can test the approaches and techniques you learn in the class right away in real IELTS tasks such as those in Cambridge IELTS books or in the Official IELTS Preparation Materials such as the Cambridge Official Guide or Mindset for IELTS.

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  1. Hello teacher. I am from Azerbaijan. I would like to pass Ielts exam min6.5, but I have 5.5. I would like to attend your courses. I like to know how much it costs and how much time it will be take?

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