Opinion Essay Introductions-Part 2

Earlier this week, I explained how IELTS examiners would write introduction paragraphs for opinion essays (i.e. essay questions that ask for your opinion). I also promised to write my own answer to the topic I introduced at the end of that post:

Some people think governments should spend less money on arts and invest more in education.

How far do you agree or disagree?

Here’s how I would write the introduction paragraph:

I think public budgets for arts should be decreased, and more money ought to be spent on education instead. This is true about the money allocated to music, painting and so on, and governments should invest in the development and improvement of schools, teachers and educational resources.

(47 words)

As you can see, the paragraph begins with a clear statement of my opinion on the topic, and the second sentence expands and explains that first sentence concept by concept.

I will soon write and post the complete essay using the same approach many examiners have used in the Cambridge IELTS books. Stay tuned!